What we do

Legal professionals of all persuasions get together in a sociable environment to discuss legal issues relating to the sport of skiing and mountain regions, and to swap ideas on issues in sports law, in particular ski law. Each year we organize and conduct colloquia and, at the same time, ski competitions in a different country. We compete in giant slalom, slalom, cross country single and relay races - all in a friendly and collegial spirit of competition. All levels of ability are catered for and participants are graded by age. A “Guest” category enables partners, children, friends (non-legal professionals) to be welcome participants in the overall event.

The legal conferences are managed by highly competent specialists, and the predominant topics of discussion relate to sport, mountain regions, civil and criminal liability, accountability supplemented also by environmental issues, doping and international treaties such as on human rights. In doing so, the varying perspectives of the legal practitioners from the different countries are brought to light and at the same time reconciled with one another. The exchange of many-layered perspectives, perhaps also in foreign languages, has a special appeal. In a sociable, fertile environment characterized by fair play, joint participation and a sporting spirit, both relaxation and knowledge are imparted.

Take a look at this film and you can see what a great time we have with Skilex International https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nr9cwNPvbL8